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nternational Names          
+ Psyllium
+ Isabgol
+ Plantago Ovata
+ Plantago Powder
+ Ispaghula Husk
+ Isaphgol
+ Indian Psyllium
+ Isabgula
+ Ispaghula  
ATLAS INDUSTRIES - A company that began its journey virtually at the same time when this nation began its, five and a half decades ago, has now grown to emerge as an international player in the industry of its choice-manufacture of Psyllium and its derivatives.

Located at Sidhpur, a town in the north western state of Gujarat in India which is the nodal place for production and trade of Psyllium, the company's production facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machines and modern facilities. The plant is fully automatic and ensures production of high quality Psyllium husk, powder and other derivatives to the buyers' specifications while conforming to the strictest of the International standards in hygiene and quality.
The plant is also equipped with modern quality control testing facilities at its laboratory to ensure that every shipment is double checked and certified to meet the standards specified by the buyer. It is also equipped with sophisticated communication channels in order to contact all the suppliers, service providers and buyers so that smooth business operations can be ensured.

ATLAS INDUSTRIES exports 80% of its production to various markets such as USA , Canada , Mexico , Japan , Australia , New Zealand , Korea , Indonesia, China and Europe . The client list of Atlas Industries is a veritable list of who-is-who in leading multinational companies like Procter and Gamble, Kellog's & Perrigo Inc. of USA, Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare of UK, Pharmapharm of France, Glaxo of India... to name a few.

The flagship brand of ATLAS INDUSTRIES is AMUCIL and owing to its high and consistent quality, it has carved a niche and reputation for itself in the International market. With over five decades of experience in the manufacture of Psyllium and its related products, ATLAS INDUSTRIES is well set to cater to any and all kinds of requirement from anywhere in the globe. Its team of dedicated and experienced professionals seeks to build long term partnership with buyers and clients worldwide with their commitment and consistency.
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We are supplying premium grade Psyllium Husk & Powder upto 99.5 % to 70% pure & 30 mesh to 200 mesh powder. Below 4% moisture & below 0.3% light matter.
Manufacture & Exporters of Quality Psyllium Husk & Powder
Certificate No: IP539-FS